T-Bone Collision

A t-bone collision can cause serious injuries to everyone involved, and in particular the passengers on the side of the vehicle that is hit. Most often, a t-bone crash in California happens when one driver ignores traffic signals such as yield signs, stop signs, red lights, or other signs and rules specific to the situation, and they collide with a vehicle that was following the traffic rules. However, this does not necessarily mean that the vehicle breaking the traffic laws is the one that will be colliding with the other vehicle, simply because it all depends on who enters the intersection first.

These types of accidents are also known as broadside collisions or side collisions but are commonly referred to as t-bone crashes because the cars make a “T” when they hit. Like all car accidents, there is a wide range of possible injuries that come with these accidents, and they depend on many different factors such as speed, the size of each vehicle, the difference in size between vehicles, the angle of impact, and much more. As such, each case that the team at Bauman Law builds for their client is specific to the exact situation at hand. Our history of experience with collisions in California and representing clients for personal injury cases will be a major asset to your own situation.

Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your accident, your injuries, and to learn more about how we would handle your case if you decide to work with us. We will be able to go over our history of similar cases, give you an idea of our strategy and approach to cases like yours, and give you a better idea of how we will be able to work together to get the best outcome for your case. Read more below to learn about t-bone collisions and some of the things we will explore during your case.

Seeking Damages For a T-Bone Collision

In order to determine fault in the event of a broadside or t-bone collision in California, we will need to determine the rules of the road and then prove that the other party failed to uphold their responsibility for following those rules. Hopefully there will be eyewitness accounts that we will be able to present to the insurance company or the judge and jury, but if not we will rely on your own personal testimony, police reports, and any other information that we can gather that can give a clear picture of the entire situation to the necessary parties.

Once we are able to establish fault for the accident, we will begin by working directly with the insurance company in an attempt to reach a settlement agreement without taking the case to court. If we are unable to reach an agreement that fairly compensates you for your injuries and your suffering, we will then decide how to best seek the damages through a personal injury lawsuit in the California courts

Determining Damages

In order to determine the amount of damages that you are rightfully owed, we will take many different factors into account such as your income history, the cost of your medical expenses, the extent of your injuries and the suffering you endured, and more. There are two different parts of the lawsuit — economic and non-economic damages, that account for the differences in these types of injuries. Economic damages seek to compensate you and your insurance company for measurable expenses or financial losses that have resulted from your injuries. Non-economic damages seek compensation for things like that actual pain and suffering that you have endured as a result of your accident. While non-economic damages are harder to quantify, they are extremely important to your case.

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It is important that you act as quickly as possible to begin the legal process. California has a statute of limitations that will legally bar you from seeking damages after a certain amount of time, and the longer you wait the less clear the details of the case will be in your memory.