Rear-End Collision

A rear end collision can be a minor frustration, or it can be a serious problem for everyone involved. There are many different injuries that can come with a rear-end crash, even at low speeds, and it is important that you understand your rights if you have been involved in one. In some cases, a victim may think that they need to just suffer their injuries because the crash was a very low-speed collision, or may assume that the offer the insurance company has made to them is fair. Neither of these is true, and we will help you get the justice and the compensation that you truly deserve.

If you have been rear-ended and have suffered from any type of injury, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation where you can learn more about our process and the options you have available to you. Read more below about some details about rear-end collisions, the negotiation and lawsuit process, and more.

Causes of a Rear-End Collision

There are many different possible causes of a rear-end collision, but all of them involve the rear driver moving faster than the car in front. This might mean that the front car is stopped at an intersection, slowing down because of upcoming traffic or a pedestrian crossing, or even parked. In many cases, the rear driver is either driving too fast to come to a complete stop before colliding with the car in front, is distracted and doesn’t notice the car in front of them is stopped, or may be experiencing some sort of mechanical issue like bad brakes. In Northern California, ice can also be a factor in rear-end collisions, but it is highly unlikely that ice will ever play a role in a rear-end collision in Southern California.

Some rear-end collisions may ultimately lead to multiple-car pileups, meaning that the lead car of the initial impact is forced forward into the vehicle in front of them, or the rear vehicle is then collided into by the vehicle behind them because of the abrupt stop. In some cases, multiple car pileups can involve several vehicles and cause major injuries to many people. In these cases, it can become very complicated to determine who was originally at fault, and even a simple interaction with the other insurance companies can be extremely frustrating and confusing.

We Can Help You After a Rear-End Collision in California

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we understand the process of seeking damages for car accidents in California, whether it is through direct negotiations with an insurance company or through a full lawsuit in the California courts. The process can be confusing and overwhelming to someone who is not familiar with these cases, especially when that individual is also trying to recover from the injuries that they sustained in the accident.

When you are dealing with an insurance company, they will come to you with an offer in a lump sum, and although this amount may seem appealing as you are worried about the mounting medical bills and possible lost wages, this amount is likely nowhere near the amount that you deserve. This offer is simply that — an offer, and an introduction to negotiations. Accepting this offer comes with signing away any future rights for legal recourse, meaning that if your injuries continue to affect your life, you will be unable to do anything about it. Before you make any decision involving a settlement, it is very important that you consult with a lawyer.

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