Lane-Change Accidents

When changing lanes, there is a constant threat of colliding with another vehicle heading in the same direction. These are commonly known as lane-change accidents, and while the initial collision may not often cause serious injuries, the reactions of the drivers involved in the accidents after the initial contact might cause serious issues.

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What Is a Lane-Change Accident?

A lane-change accident typically happens on a road or highway with two or more lanes, and a driver changes lanes without noticing the other vehicle that is in the lane already. When this happens, the two vehicles collide side to side, and the results can vary tremendously depending on the types of vehicles, the size difference between the vehicles, the reactions of both drivers, road conditions, and much more.

The initial impact may not cause much damage or injury at all since in many cases both vehicles are traveling at a similar speed and the collision may only be a simple bump. However, that bump can cause serious issues.

Types of Injuries in Lane-Change Accidents

There are many different types of injuries that can be caused by a lane-change accident, and there are a lot of different variables that can lead to those injuries. In particular, the size difference between vehicles can play a major role. Lane-change accidents at low speeds can be relatively minor between two passenger vehicles, but if one of the vehicles is a motorcycle then the risk of serious injury, or even death, increases dramatically.

When the lane-change collision is between two cars, the injuries will likely result in the second impact of the car veering off the road or skidding. Just because the injuries do not occur at the moment of impact with the responsible driver, though, does not mean that the person who made the inappropriate lane change is not at fault.

Some common injuries can include whiplash, broken and fractured bones, head injuries, bruising, concussions, and seatbelt-related injuries. The speed of the vehicles, the aftermath of the collision, and many other factors mean that the injuries can range from completely minor to permanent injury, loss of limbs, and even death.

When a passenger vehicle or a truck make a lane change and there is a motorcycle in their blind spot, the injuries can be catastrophic. Motorcycles offer virtually no protection for the driver or passenger, meaning that even a minor bump generally means direct contact between the rider’s body and the other vehicle. In addition, a slight bump will likely cause the driver to lose their balance and fall off the motorcycle. Instantly, there are many more factors that can cause serious harm.

When a motorcycle crashes, the driver or rider hits the ground and immediately faces the threat of broken bones, lacerations, road rash, head injuries, spine and neck injuries, and more. In addition, they will continue to travel in the direction of their initial momentum, meaning that they may be sent into cars up ahead, phone poles, parked vehicles, or other objects. This is just a quick example of why motorcycle accidents are so much more dangerous than collisions between passenger vehicles at any speed.

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