Hit-and-Run Accidents

When hit-and-run accidents occur, the victims can suffer. They may not receive medical attention quickly enough, and the other driver could be liable for the outcome. If a driver is in a collision and does not stop, they could be responsible for paying compensation to the victim.

All victims of hit-and-runs deserve to see justice take place. In addition to seeing the guilty party receive criminal charges for their actions, you may also want to see them receive a civil lawsuit. Bauman Law APLC can help you.

What Should Victims Do After Hit and Run Accidents?

The way you react after an accident can make all of the difference. Typically, you should collect the name and license number of the other driver. If someone hits your car and you aren’t around, the driver should make an effort to contact you.

But that doesn’t always occur. With hit-and-runs, the other driver speeds off without exchanging information. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to better your situation. Of course, the first thing you should do is call the police. Here are a few other important steps:

1. Make Note of the Vehicle’s Details

As the other vehicle drives off, try to notice the little details. What color is the car, and what model is it? If you can see any of the license plates, record the numbers.

Don’t just make a mental note of the details. Write down what you see in your phone or on a piece of paper. Often, victims of accidents forget the little details.

2. Note the Driver’s Characteristics

If you can see anything about the driver, record the details. For instance, do they have curly hair? Do they seem tall or short? The more details you have, the better your chances of finding the offender.

3. Look for Witnesses

Sometimes, other people see the accident happen. Those witnesses can help your case. They may have noticed something that you missed. At the very least, they can corroborate your claim.

Look for witnesses and ask them for their contact information. If your case goes to court, they may be able to testify.

4. Pay Attention to Where the Vehicle Goes

Although you might have other things on your mind, you should closely watch the other vehicle. Make a note of the direction in which they travel, and which streets they are on. When the police come to the scene, they may be able to use the information to find the driver.

What Legal Action Can You Take?

After your hit-and-run accident, the police may arrest the guilty party. But you might need to take matters into your own hands. If you want compensation for the accident, you need to file a personal injury claim against the other driver.

In some cases, you may be able to file a claim against the driver’s employer. This can occur when the driver is in a company vehicle and the driver is fulfilling their duty. You also may be able to file a claim against the owner of a vehicle if someone else was driving it.

Proving Your Case

Leaving the scene of an accident is a negligent act. Therefore, proving negligence is not difficult. The challenge comes from proving that your injuries worsened because you didn’t receive immediate medical attention.

There is an exception. In some situations, you may not need to prove the driver’s failure to stop caused further injury. If there is evidence of negligent behavior that caused the accident, you can still file a personal injury claim.

Receiving Compensation

In 2015, there were 138,500 hit-and-run injuries in the US. Often, those injuries resulted in expensive medical bills, time missed from work, and strained relationships. By working with an attorney, you can receive compensation for your accident.

Every hit-and-run accident is unique, so every outcome is different. If you work with an attorney, you can learn more about your potential outcome. Contact Bauman Law APLC for more information.