Highway Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 37,133 motor vehicle accidents in 2017. While some of those accidents occurred on small roads, many of them were highway car accidents.

When highway accidents occur, the stakes are high. The speed of the vehicles makes serious injuries and fatalities likely. If you’re a victim of such an accident, you should contact us at Bauman Law APLC. You may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and more.

Common Causes of Highway Car Accidents

One way to receive money for your accident is to file a personal injury claim against the other driver. However, the other driver must have acted in a negligent way to cause the accident.

Many times, that is the case. All of the following are common causes of accidents on the highway:

1. Drunk Driving

As you’re driving on the highway, you might pass a few billboards about the dangers of drunk driving. Nevertheless, there are still drunk drivers on the road.

They are dangerous on any type of road. However, the excessive speed of the highway makes them particularly dangerous.

2. Speeding

Some people treat the speed limit as a suggestion, rather than a requirement. On the highway, many drivers push their speed to the max. They have less time to react to hazards in the road and other vehicles. Furthermore, their high speed makes the impact of a collision more forceful.

3. Tailgating

It’s not uncommon for tailgating to go along with speeding. And it can be just as dangerous. When one driver is too close to the vehicle in front of it, they don’t have much time to react to brake lights. As a result, they could rear-end the other vehicle.

4. Inclement Weather

The weather can contribute to an accident. If someone is driving too quickly in the rain, they can easily lose control of the vehicle. The same can occur if they drive too closely to another vehicle. Although the weather could be one reason for the accident, the driver’s negligence could be another reason.

The Consequences

Highway accidents usually have serious consequences. On many occasions, they result in fatalities. Other accidents end with injuries, which can also be severe.

When a fatality occurs, the family suffers. They may lose a significant portion of their income. More importantly, they lose the companionship of a loved one. A wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent driver could give them compensation for some of their losses.

In the case of an injury, there are also profound effects. Serious injuries can be permanent and impact you for the rest of your life. Even minor injuries could force you out of work for weeks or months at a time. With a personal injury claim, you may regain some of what you lost.

Many people overlook the consequences of highway accidents on mental health. Being in a high-speed accident is a scary thing. If you’re a victim or a passenger, you may suffer from anxiety, depression, or PTSD. This requires costly medical treatment.

Common injuries associated with highway accident include:

  • Brain injuries, which can require surgery and cause permanent disabilities
  • Burn injuries, which can cause severe pain and permanent disfigurement
  • Muscle and tendon injuries, which can be painful and lingering
  • Spinal cord injuries, which can cause paralysis or a loss of sensation
  • Broken bones, which can be painful and may require surgery

Working with an Attorney

You may have a long road of recovery ahead of you. However, a personal injury lawsuit could make that road a little shorter and easier. With the money you receive, you can worry less about your finances and focus on your recovery.

Receiving compensation isn’t easy. When you work with a lawyer, you improve your chances at recovering damages. They can take you through the claims process and work for a good outcome. If you’re ready to get started, contact us at Bauman Law APLC.