Head-On Collisions

When the front end of two vehicles collide, the result can be serious. In fact, 7 percent of all fatal accidents are caused by head-on collisions. The event is even more common in rural areas, with a rate of 13% of fatal accidents caused by head on accidents. Whether fatal or not, a   collision can change your life forever.

You need to recover mentally, physically, and emotionally from your accident. With the help of an attorney, you may be able to receive compensation. Here at Bauman Law APLC, we can advise you on your options and walk you through the process.

What Are Head-On Collisions?

Car accidents happen in many ways. Although they can all be deadly, front end to front end accidents tend to be particularly severe. Also known as head-on accidents, the collisions can occur for many reasons.

For instance, a drunk driver could swerve out of their lane and into oncoming traffic. A distracted driver could fail to notice a pothole until the last minute and overcompensate by veering into traffic coming from the opposite direction. If there is a median, a driver could bypass the median and still find their way into an oncoming vehicle.

Who is to Blame?

Typically, someone is to blame for this type of accident. In some cases, the fault is the other driver. Or, the blame could lie in the hands of the local government. They could fail to post appropriate signage or keep the roads clear of hazards.

If your accident was caused by negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. By working with an attorney, you can get the process started. You may be able to recover damages for your accident. For instance, you could receive money for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Missed wages
  • Pain and suffering

If a loved one died in the accident, you could file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. Much like a personal injury claim, a wrongful death claim could get you compensation. You may also be able to recover damages for the lost income of their loved one, as well as lost companionship. Only the loved ones of the victim can file a wrongful death claim.

How to React to a Head-On Collision

If you want to receive compensation for your accident, you need to check off a few boxes. For one, you need to have medical records of your injuries. You should visit a doctor soon after your accident. Even if you don’t think you have an injury, you could have an underlying one. Your airbag and seat belt can’t prevent you from experiencing harm.

If you have any injuries, your doctor will document it. They can verify that the injury was a direct result of your accident. Then, you may be able to receive money for all of the related medical bills. Waiting too long to receive treatment could jeopardize your case.

Another important step is to contact the police. If you don’t have a police report of the collision, you could hurt your claim. The police report contains crucial information regarding the accident. When personal injury claims go to court, the report carries a great deal of weight.

Working with an Attorney

In the hours or days following your accident, you should call a lawyer. They can explain your options for taking action against the negligent party. Furthermore, they can handle all of the aspects of your claim. This includes filling out the paperwork, searching for evidence, and negotiating on your behalf.

At times, your attorney can get you a settlement. But at other times, you may need to go to court. The court will decide how much money you will receive.

The best way to learn more about your situation is to contact us at Bauman Law APLC. Once you tell us about your accident, we can help you take the next steps. Contact our firm to get started.