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Truck Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Most drivers fear being hit by a truck. And there’s good reason for that fear. Truck accidents have devastating consequences. Even the toughest cars have little chance against a large truck. If an impact occurs, you could suffer from serious injuries.

Often, truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for truck accidents. If either is responsible for your accident, you should contact us at Bauman Law APLC. With a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles, you could seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Our firm wants the roads to be safer. Therefore, we strive to hold truckers and trucking companies responsible for their negligence. We want to see them take responsibility for their action. And we’ve gotten great results time and time again.

What Makes Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

In Los Angeles, there were 44,207 collisions that resulted in injuries and death in 2016. While car accidents can be devastating, truck accidents tend to be even more dangerous.

The main reason for truck accidents being so hazardous is the size difference. With a typical weight of over 80,000 pounds and a size of more than 65 feet, a semi-truck is much bigger than a car or pick-up truck. Even a small collision can leave a vehicle with serious damage. Sadly, a sedan or sports car is no match for a truck more than ten times its size. Smaller trucks, like tow trucks, can also do serious damage.

Another reason for the severity is the inability to brake quickly. When a car is involved in an accident with another car, they can brake to limit the impact. But trucks need space and time to brake. In fact, they sometimes need 100 feet to come to a stop. If a truck is about to hit you, it’s unlikely that it will be able to slow down much.

In some extreme cases, truck accidents involve flammable or harmful materials. If a truck carrying hazardous material causes an accident, the stakes are even higher. You could suffer from burns, scars, and permanent disfigurement.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

There are many causes for trucking accidents in Los Angeles. Here are some of the more common causes:

1. Human Error

As much as people might strive for protection, human error is unavoidable. In many truck accidents, human error is to blame. Drivers might speed or misjudge a lane-change. This could result in an accident.

2. Distracted Driving

Although truck drivers are professional drivers, they are also guilty of distracted driving. Sometimes, a driver looks at their phone or stares at a billboard. In either case, their lack of focus makes them negligent.

If distracted driving is the cause of your accident, you deserve compensation. Our firm can work towards getting you the money you deserve.

3. Inadequate Training or Hiring Procedures

The trucking company is responsible for hiring and training safe drivers. If they cut corners or don’t take the time to hire the right people, they could be responsible for your accident.

4. Improper Maintenance

Because truck drivers put so many miles on their vehicles, those vehicles require frequent maintenance. It’s the responsibility of the truck company to keep their fleet in good shape. But this doesn’t always happen.

When a truck doesn’t get the proper maintenance, it could malfunction. A tire could blowout, brakes could fail, or another complication could arise. As a result, the lack of maintenance could be the cause of your accident.

5. Inclement Weather

Driving in bad weather is a challenge for any vehicle. However, trucks need to be particularly cautious in inclement weather. If the weather is too harsh, they should pull over into a rest stop.

Some drivers choose to push on. But this could result in a serious accident. If the driver loses control, anything could happen. Your life could change in an instant.

Identifying Who is to Blame

One of the keys to a successful outcome is determining who is to blame. If you want compensation for your accident, you might need to file a personal injury claim against the liable party. Filing a claim against the wrong party means you could lose your chance at compensation.

Working with a lawyer can get you the money you need to fully recover from your accident. However, going up against big trucking companies isn’t easy. It takes time and resources. One of the biggest challenges is assigning blame.

In many cases, the blame isn’t black-and-white. For example, consider a truck accident that involved a drowsy truck driver. Although it might seem as if the driver was negligent by driving while drowsy, the trucking company could be responsible. Some companies push their drivers to meet impossible deadlines. They instruct them to skip the legally required rest.

There are laws in place to keep you safe from overtired and reckless truck drivers. If the drivers or trucking company don’t adhere to those laws, they put you at risk.

We have the resources and skills necessary to get to the bottom of your accident. Once we find out who is to blame, we can work towards getting you compensation.

Working with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

By working with a lawyer from our firm, you can take a step in the right direction. We can advise you on the steps you need to take to seek compensation. Furthermore, we can take you through the process.

Our clients aren’t only truck accident victims. In some cases, they are the family members of loved ones. If your loved one died in a truck accident, you could have a wrongful death claim against the truck driver or trucking company.

Much like a personal injury claim, a wrongful death claim gives you compensation for your losses. You could receive money for medical bills, funeral expenses, and more. In many cases, the victim’s family members are also eligible for pain and suffering damages.

If you or a loved one was a victim of a truck accident, you deserve assistance. Bauman Law APLC wants to give you that assistance. Contact our office today to find out what we can do for you.

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