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Ridesharing apps are ubiquitous, and for good reason: they are extremely convenient, offer transparent payment, and are generally less expensive than a cab (and easier to find). However, who is responsible for your injuries if your Uber or Lyft driver gets into an accident? Do your rights change depending on whether they caused the accident, or if another driver caused the accident? 

We will help you work through these questions, and more, during an initial consultation where you can discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney in Bakersfield. Dealing with large companies like Lyft or Uber can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are attempting to collect damages because of injuries that were caused while you were using their services. 

Contact us now, and read more below about some overview information about what to expect during a personal injury lawsuit involved Uber or Lyft.

What To Do After a Ride Sharing Accident

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The most important thing to do after you are injured in a ride-sharing accident is to make sure that you are safe. In some cases, this might mean getting out of the vehicle and to the side of the road, into the breakdown lane, median, or generally out of oncoming traffic, but in other cases, it may mean remaining in the vehicle until emergency responders arrive. If you think that you may be seriously injured, it is a good idea to remain in one position unless you absolutely must move.

Contact 911 if you are able to. The police will make an accident report and secure the area, and the EMTs will ensure that you receive the medical attention that you need. If you believe that you are injured, it is in your best interest to accept medical attention. First, this means that your injuries will be tended, but secondly, it also establishes a record of your injuries that begins with the accident. This will be very helpful during your case because it is completely reasonable for the insurance company to question the source of your injuries if there is no record of them for a while after the accident.

After you have had your injuries looked at, the next thing to do is to contact an personal injury attorney. Major companies such as Uber and Lyft have extensive legal teams on retainer in order to help them avoid as many legal issues as possible that stem from their drivers. All Uber drivers are covered by a $1 million policy while they are actively working for Uber, meaning that their app is on and they are transporting a rider or en route to pick up a rider. 

Calculating Damages After a Ridesharing Accident

There are many different factors that go into determining the amount of damages you are entitled to following an accident, and without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you may not realize how many different aspects of your injury deserve compensation.  When you are dealing directly with an insurance company, they will rely on the fact that you are not experienced with these situations in order to settle with you quickly and cheaply. When you are working with an attorney, this will not be the case.

You are entitled to damages relating to the actual economic impact that your injuries have had on your life, such as medical bills, surgical costs, recovery expenses, and even your lost wages and missed work. In addition, you are entitled to compensation for non-economic impacts such as your pain, suffering, emotional anguish, and sadness. These are calculated as “non-economic damages,” which are more complicated to calculate and therefore subject to disagreement from the insurance company. 

Once we have determined the amount of money that you are entitled to, we will develop a course of action that includes negotiations for an out-of-court settlement, as well as a plan for if and when we are required to file a full lawsuit on your behalf. 

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The sooner you begin working with a personal injury attorney on your Uber or Lyft accident and injuries, the more time you will have to develop a strong and aggressive strategy to get the money that you are owed. In addition, you will be able to let go of some of the stress that this impending legal process is certain to have on you, which has been proven to interfere significantly with the recovery process.

While the team at Bauman Law is working on your case, you can focus on recovering and getting your life back on track with the confidence in your attorney that you deserve.