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Premise Liability Attorney Bakersfield

When you’re at a store or visiting someone’s home, you have an expectation of safety. But the premises aren’t always safe. If someone is negligent and has unsafe conditions on their property, the result could be an injury. You might be able to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Premise liability incidents refer to accidents that occur on the property of another individual. Additionally, they involve some type of negligence or recklessness on behalf of the owner. If you are a victim, you could benefit from a premise liability attorney in Bakersfield. Here at Bauman Law APLC, our team cn stand up for you. We can help you file your lawsuit and work towards getting you money for the incident.

The Facts About Premise Liability

Homeowners and business owners are often responsible for what happens on their property. For example, a crack in the floor could cause a restaurant guest to trip and fall. If the owner of the restaurant new about the crack and failed to do anything about it, they are liable for the accident.

In Bakersfield, there were 25,938 firms in 2012. Many of those firms have storefronts, where accidents can happen. In fact, slip and fall accidents are quite frequent. They can involve sidewalks, stairs, or other walkways. Often, the fall results in a serious injury. Victims can experience extreme pain, and as a result of that pain, they can suffer.

Typically, victims of premise liability incidents require medical care. However, they also may need to take time off from work. If the injury is serious enough, they might suffer from a permanent disability or disfigurement.

Negligent property owners could be the reason for your accident. If they are, you are eligible for compensation. Many premise owners have insurance plans. For example, homeowners insurance sometimes covers accidents that occur on the property. If you have an accident on insured property, you might receive compensation from the insurance company.

Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always fair. They might refuse to pay for some of your expenses. A lawyer can represent you and negotiate a fair settlement. With help from an experience professional, you could receive the money you deserve. They can seek money for missed wages, pain, suffering, and disability. You won’t need to allow the financial hit place you in a cycle of debt.

How to Receive Compensation

There are a few steps you need to take to receive compensation. First, you need to receive medical treatment for your injuries. Without treatment, there is no way to document your injuries. A successful case requires proof of injuries.

You also need to file the civil lawsuit. However, this is more difficult than you might imagine. You could benefit from working with an attorney. When you work with a lawyer, they handle the paperwork and the filing. You improve your chances at a good outcome.

For a successful case, you need to show that the owner or occupant was negligent, and that their negligence caused your accident. Without that evidence, you don’t have a case. But it often takes an experienced hand and resources to prove fault.

Once you file the claim, the other party is notified. If the other party offers you a fair sum of money, you could settle out of court. However, they might offer too low of a sum or decline to offer. Then, you need to handle the matter in court. This leaves the decision up to a judge and jury.

Types of Premise Liability Accidents

There are many types of premise liability accidents. Although slip and falls accidents are among the most common, there are other types of accidents. Here are some other types of accidents involving premise liability:

1. Lack of Security

If a crime occurs on a premise, the victim of that crime could sue the owner or business. It’s their responsibility to have enough security to deter certain crimes. For instance, untrained security personnel could allow a mugging to occur. Another example is a lack of warning about security threats.

2. Dog Bites

In Bakersfield, there are many dog owners. While some are responsible, others are not. An irresponsible owner could be liable for an injury caused by their dog.

3. Inadequate Maintenance

Every premise requires a certain level of maintenance. If an owner fails to provide that maintenance, and accident could happen. For example, rotting wood could cause a railing to break under your weight. They could owe you damages.

A Premise Liability Attorney in Bakersfield

Working with a lawyer can get you the money that belongs in your pocket. Contact Bauman Law APLC to find out how we can help you.

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