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The law office of Shaun J. Bauman is among the most hard- working and professional offices I’ve ever seen.

Rich M.

We were transferred to Bauman Law from an attorney we were working with previously. We didn’t know what to expect and were nervous since this is the first and hopefully last time we’ll have to go through this. At first I was super impatient with the way things were going and should have understood the process it takes to get this done. They put up with my calls and were extremely helpful in helping settle our case. I would and have recommended them already to friends/family that are in need of an attorney and can’t thank Shaun and his team enough for all the hard work and effort they put in to our case.

Jonathan D.

One of the TOP Lawyers I’ve had the pleasure of encountering, they work hard and fast i was able to get all the legal help i needed at a very reasonable price and they were able to help me settle 3 auto accident claims. Shaun is very helpful and I thank God for him and his employees down at the firm. Also want to give a shout out to Cynthia for being a great and friendly mediator as well as anyone else who helped me with my cases. I highly recommend the Law offices of Shaun J Bauman.

Janely G.

Diligent, persistent, and extremely knowledgeable! The whole staff is great and Shaun and Justin are just down to earth, real good people. Shaun never tried to intimidate me with legalese or ever speak down to me. I was injured in December 2011 and my case just settled September 2015. 4 years!!! The case was dismissed and they refilled – they never gave up on me or my case. They walked me through every step, never made me feel like I was bothering them because I called in once a week at times for updates. They fought long and hard and I received the maximum amount for my case. Hands down – the BEST legal team I’ve ever dealt with. If I’m ever injured again (praying I’m not) they’re the 1st and only call I’ll ever make.

Thanks to Larry H. Parker for NOT taking this case… couldn’t have been in better hands!

Ms. Smith

C S.

The law office of Shaun J. Bauman is among the most hard- working and professional offices I’ve ever seen. I was hit by a a driver who wasn’t paying attention and the impact left me and my fiancé in constant and intense pain and left my new car totaled. We were both unable to work due to the pain and lack of transportation. Meanwhile, we still had to find a way to pay bills, buy groceries, and make payments for a car that was now inoperable. That’s when we called the law office of Shaun J. Bauman. Within a week we were treating for our injuries and the staff at the hospital they network with are equally professional and caring. When the insurance company started to harass us over the phone, the law office of Shaun J. Bauman stepped in and put a stop to it. They saw to it that our car was replaced, our medical bills we’re covered, and we were made whole. If you were in an accident and you think you can handle it yourself; trust me, you can’t. At least not as well as a professional can. I’m so thankful that I made the decision to contact them and, if given the opportunity to work with them again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Rich M.

In October of last year, I was involved in an auto accident where I was rear-ended by another driver. I spent the night in the hospital and was discharged with a tailbone injury that took months to recover. I had never planned on hiring an attorney to help with the case and assumed that it would be a relatively straightforward process as this was my first auto accident ever. Boy, was I wrong…

Between dealing with insurance agencies, paying hospital bills, and looking for police reports I became overwhelmed. The process became incredibly complicated and there was huge information discrepancy between what I knew and what the insurance agencies knew. They do this every day and despite Googling and talking with other people and my own insurance company, was given little direction on how to have a good outcome and expedite this process. Enter Shaun Bauman.

I reached out to Shaun from a friend’s recommendation who immediately took over the process. After a simple straightforward onboarding process, Shaun immediately took over and represented me to 4+ parties that were involved. During the entire time, he regularly communicated with me about the status and next steps. Most importantly, he provided excellent strategic insight into how the various parties would be approaching my case. I initially expected this to take over 18+ months to conclude, with Bauman Law’s help I reached an excellent settlement with 6 months from start to finish. Without Bauman Law, I can guarantee the outcome would have taken longer and I would have received a fraction of the settlement.

Beyond the financial outcome, throughout the process, Shaun conducted himself ethically and ALWAYS had my best interests at heart. If this ever happens again (I pray that it does not) I will 100% re-engage with Bauman Law again.

Lance M.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was badly injured. I previously had an attorney who didn’t take my case seriously. I then transferred my case to Bauman Law and right away they took my case and ran with it. Every question I had, this team would answer promptly and thoroughly. Thanos and this amazing team, never quit and subsequently got me the maximum settlement my case was entitled to. They are an amazing team; very friendly and professional. This was no easy “run of the mill” case, but they pushed thru and made sure I was well taken care of. In the future, for any legal help/advice I may need, the first number I will call will be to Bauman Law. I’d like to personally thank Thanos for never giving up, representing me and getting this case settled quickly.

Joe M.

I’m extremely happy with the settlement I am about to receive Mr. Shaun Bauman and his entire staff were professional throughout the 14 months of the case his office made sure I was well prepared for court and made sure the other party had no chance against our strong evidence they’re with you every step of the way and answer phone calls promptly they are up-to-date in Technology and have convenient ways of getting things done the staff was personable and knowledgeable and knew what to do to win my case the next thing on my agenda is suing a former employer and I will definitely ask this office for a recommendation.

Daniel J.

I was referred to Shaun by another law firm regarding an accident where I was struck by a car while standing!! Him and his staff were very kind as they did great by helping along the way and reaching a settlement within a reasonable time from when they took over my case!! I’m glad to have such a great resolution for a trying situation!! I recommend anyone that needs help with their accident case to use them!!

Khalid S.

I hired this office to represent me for an auto accident claim they did such an amazing job , the attorney Shaun was very easy to get a hold of always kept me updated and got me such a great settlement that I hired them a second time around for another accident and they got me an even better settlement. I highly recommend this office they did such a great job !!!!!!

Jacqueline B.

I was involved in an accident last year I was Injured really bad and the insurance company was giving me such a hard time and just playing games with me so I Hired Bauman Law to take care of it they where so helpful they got my Property Damage taken care of right away.
Staff was so nice and so helpful always kept me updated on what was going on. They got my case settled right away for policy Limits and I received my check right away.
I truly recommend this Law firm to everyone they are truly truly Awesome

Sonia L.

I highly recommend Bauman Law. After getting hit in a car accident, I was referred to the law firm by a friend. From start to finish, they made the entire process really simple and handled everything professionally. Overall, the customer service was great, I’m definitely happy with the experience, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for help with a personal injury claim.

Jd M.

I was referred to Shaun Bauman’s office by another attorney, after first atty couldn’t get the job done. I’m so glad, because Shaun and Justin did a great job that the first atty couldn’t deliver. Once they got a hold of my case, everything moved quickly and settlement was finally reached, after much stagnation with 1st atty. They were always available and they actually answer the phone, no voicemail tag! Their office is diligent, return calls promptly, and they actually care about their clientele. Nancy also did a fabulous job getting our paperwork completed quickly. Great job to all! I highly recommend them.

Connie V.

The process couldn’t have gone smoother. I called The Law Offices of Shaun J. Bauman and they took over from there. They dealt with the insurance companies, the body shop, and the rental car company. Now that I know the Law offices of Shaun J. Bauman I will never bicker with insurance companies again. It’s nice knowing you have someone looking out for your best interest.

Aaron R.

I was referred to this attorney by a past client and his work is truly amazing . They took care of my property damage as well as my bodily injury , not only did they work quickly they also kept me informed every step of the way. The attorney and the staff are truly a pleasure !!!! Wish I could give them 20 stars !!!!!

Melvin B.


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